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Asteria and the Great Awakening

My best friend of 25 years told me, after deciding that I was going to go into business, that I needed to find a business name. This feels dramatic, but the most straightforward things are often hard for me and vice versa. I love spiritual ideas and words with a passion, but I struggle with longevity and commitment. We are constantly growing and shifting our perspectives, and names can be stagnant and fixed. What I end up choosing will follow me through the length of said business, so I better feel it in my soul (again dramatic). I needed to find something magical and special that signifies my love for astrology, tarot, all things divination, and the occult. As well is my deep and solid connection with Mother Earth. I did what any spiritual being would do. I started searching on Pinterest.

I was reluctantly searching for the right fit and wanted it to represent the divine feminine and the collective path to awakening, i.e., the ascension. On a personal level, it needed to express my journey of going into business after so many years of privately practicing and pursuing higher education. I decided a goddess name would embody the energy of my powerful and challenging path to this desired destination. My biggest goal was searching for the right goddess and one that had a heaven and earth connection. When I found Asteria, and I later discovered that she was astrological prominent in my birth chart.

As most things go, I floated a couple of idea names to my Cancer Crew, my group of besties who love me to my core. They always support me and my ambition and help me find the best course to tread. They helped me come up with Asteria Awakenings, and I knew it was something I would love for a long time. Mostly because I feel a kinship with Asteria as she embodies many of my gifts (astrology, dream interpretation, and divination), she is also the mother of Hecate, the goddess of magic and who is both darkness and light symbolic of the alchemy of turning darkness into wisdom. Awakenings is a nod to waking up our true selves, which are all part of the Divine. We are more, and I wanted my business name to incorporate all the unique journeys of the journey of becoming awakened.

Whether you believe in the ideas of the spiritual community of awakening or not. An essential piece can be viewed from different perspectives and since we never know how something will play out ultimately, let’s look at it mundanely. Awakening is about expanding consciously, and if you are in the process of learning something on any level or any about anything, you are in the process of awakening. Who knows the missing piece that will blow the bondage from darkness right out of your logical mind. It could be as simple car parts working symbiotically or the dark hidden aspects of psychology (shadow work). The occult is hidden everywhere, in every subject, and is mainly about those insights that give us great perspective in the world. Some people have a knack for seeing the hidden, and others, it will come in waves, but evolution will come to everyone. I have witnessed many people (I have done the same) asking how they know when they have awakened, and just the very desire to awakened creates awakening. We give our power over to others when we use their yardstick to determine our progress.

The same goes for the divine feminine; you do not have to be a woman (in every inclusive meaning possible) to embrace the feminine part; we all have these qualities located in the human experience, and how strong they are is based on personal preferences. I want to normalize this in this space in my first post: YOU BE YOU! My biggest goal in this lifetime is to respect others and their highly divergent paths.

Astrology has assisted me in accepting every possible direction one could move in. Seeing cycles come full circle shows us how predetermined our energetic experiences are. We have free will, so our actions are not necessarily predetermined, but the setup could be. Tarot has shown me that there are hidden higher forces at work 24-7, guiding us to assist us in making the highest and best choices for our goals this lifetime. Hypnotherapy has shown me how different and the same we all are. If you are under the impression that being good in this life means every lifetime you have been good. Think again. We have all been a variety of versions of bad and good. As difficult as it is to accept that we have done bad things in some lifetimes, it is probably what keeps you so attached to being good in your present lifetime.

So, I welcome you to this space and know that you are loved and accepted for who you are. If you are drawn here to learn and interact with the content and not to get a reading, that is fine, and I encourage you to ask me questions. If you have any, please feel free to email me. I intend to get whatever you came here to find, and there will never be pressure from me to purchase anything. If you are drawn to receive a reading, your higher self will create time and space for one.

Many Blessings,


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