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Solar Return Charts

By: Jessica Demitro

I have always adored my birthday, and since it is coming up soon, I wanted to share my knowledge on solar return charts. Solar returns were the first predictive charts I learned, and I love using them all year round. I relate in a big way to the cycle of endings and new beginnings (my Scorpio Uranus in the 8th house). Most of us see our birthday as a date to bring in our desires for the up and coming year, and shift out of old, outdated energies, either consciously or subconsciously. The solar return chart focuses on the cycles of the Sun for each individual around their birthday when it conjuncts itself (birth placement) when it is at the exact degree, minute, and second. It then creates a whole new chart for the year.

The Sun

Astrology is about precision, so when a planet touches itself in its natal position, it casts a new chart with new goals and objectives to learn and work through (could be other planets as well; Saturn returns have their charts). Natal charts are still your main chart, and whatever you are working on over your lifetime will still be accurate and should be used in addition to the solar return chart. I also use a progressed chart; I will explain this chart in the following article.

To understand a return chart of the Sun, we need to look at the astrological meaning. It will be about life purpose, energy, growth, important milestones, and our ego. The sign of the Sun in the solar return will always be the same, but the house, rising, and other planets will all change. The Sun’s position in a new house will highlight that theme for the year. For example, if it’s in the 10th house for the year, the theme will be about career advancement, shining your inner light into the world, and you will be a lot more visible. People will notice you more, and depending on where your Sun was when you were born, that might be uncomfortable. The planets are constantly pushing us outside of our comfort zone.

Timing on Return Readings

The most beneficial times to do a Solar Return reading are anytime during the year. I utilize them to make sure I understand what the goals think a couple of months before your birthday; it is the most beneficial because you can see the current chart and what you have been working on for the current year, and then you can see what the next cycle will be bringing in. The returns at the beginning of your annual return show the formulating energy but will not be fully integrated until a couple of months after your birthday.

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