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Full moon in Aquarius ♒️

We have a Full Moon, when the Sun is in exact opposition to the Moon in the sky creating a palpable tension between them. Our current Full Moon is between the Sun in Leo and the Moon in Aquarius. It can be a good tension or conflicting depending on the location of the Full Moon and the natal or transiting planets that are aspecting it.

For me the Full Moon falls in the 5th and 11th house therefore the tension lies in my 5th (Sun) intimate relationships, creativity and hobbies vs. my 11th house the outer community, knowledge and technology; for example the internet. These are just brief descriptions of the 5th and 11th houses.

The way this Full Moon has presented itself for me is the Sun (life force) is touring my 5th house is shining light on my gifts and encouraging my Moon (emotional nature, comfort zone, inner sense of security) to step into its power and share my gifts with a likeminded community on the internet. This has taken me years to build the confidence and knowledge to be able to do this.

Because this Full Moon happens very close to my Jupiter (teacher, expansion and overindulging) which is my Traditional ruler of my Rising (self, beginning of the chart) and the Ruler of my 9th house (beliefs, higher mind) and Midheaven 10th (authority and who I am in the world, career, life purpose) this indicates a very important time in my life. I also have transiting Jupiter trining my North Node (purpose, life goals) these transits are important to my purpose during this lifetime and there is a major focus connecting my inner creativity with the outer community. Which is why I created a Facebook and Instagram group to bring together people who are interested in astrology.

I started on this deep process a long time ago but now with these planetary triggers (planets coming into aspect with another planet) it has triggered the manifestation of my life long desire and is a reflection of the healing and work that I have done on myself (Moon).

Where is 9 degrees Leo ♌️ and Aquarius ♒️ in your chart? Tell me what houses the Sun and Moon fall in and look up the keywords for the houses and think about how these areas are showing up in your life.

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